Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mia Update!!! She 27 months old!

Mia is 27 months old. She weighs in at 24 pounds 6 ounces and stands 34 1/4 inches tall!! She still doesn't talk or walk, but she's cute as can be. Very smart too! She has a new pediatrician who is so wonderful. When we first met him he was insisting she had CP. I explained to him my theory and why the doctors in Hawaii hadn't given her that DX. He was very nice and said he wasn't dx'ing her, but figured she would get that dx and for therapy we should use it. I was fine with it. I left all of her medical records with him and we just met with him on Tuesday! He said: "I have to tell you I need to go back on what I said about CP. I think you are right and after reading what the other doctors say she just doesn't have the normal motor functions on a person with CP!" I was in tears, I know it's just a label and she is who she is, but as long as I can stay away from the 'label' the easier time I have coping. I wish she had a true DX because I want so badly to 'connect' with someone. The ladies from the old BBC are GREAT but I haven't been so GREAT back to them. After all, I left everyone for 4 months! Mia will soon start therapy again but I am no longer into tons of therapy. I see Mia makes progress at her own pace, therapy is a good tool, but double therapies aren't for her. I am looking into more aqua therapy and hippo therapy.

I turned the big Three O in September. My mom threw me a party and had karaoke. Mia was at the party and at the end of the night she insisted she sung. Remember, she doesn't talk. Well, she went up there with more stage presence than the professionals, she picked up the mic, looked at the crowd and blabbed, laughed and had a blast!! My best birthday present!!!!


North Dakota Ward's said...

Thank you so much for updating us. Mia is so cute! I love seeing all the new pictures.

Sounds like you have had a rough time and understandably needed some time to regroup. Let me know if you need anything. I know we are far from each other but I am here!!!

Dawn said...

So glad you've made it back to blogging. I've wondered about you often. Sounds like you've had some very rough months. I'm very sorry about that but glad that things are looking up for you.

Mia looks GREAT! Loved her karaoke pic! Beautiful girl!

Kiera Beth said...

TARA!!! First of all, this post made me cry! Mia is beautiful and I LOVE how she knew just what gift to give her wonderful Mommy! That is so sweet!

I am glad to hear that you are starting to work through things and going back to "dating!" Dating is always so much fun and I hope that it helps you two to mend everything.

It sounds like things are looking up. I know that we are just "cyber" friends, but I thought of you often and sent you prayers and happy thoughts.

I am here however you need me. Feel free to e-mail me off-line if you want to chat.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the update - I've been checking. I sorry to hear that you've been through such a rough time but I'm glad things are starting to look better.

Great pictures - Mia is looking wonderful!

Sheila said...

Welcome back Tara! I've been checking your blog regularly and wondering where you were. I'm sorry you've been through such tough times but glad that things seem to be looking up. Mia looks great and is as adorable as ever!

momtoablessing said...

Its so nice to see you back and mia is so cute shes getting so big.